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La ultima vez (y la prinmera jejej ) que jugue contra tau me dieron de lo lindo jejee


  • HQ - Tau Ethereal caste member - leader, to inspire the Fire warriors.
    Tau Ethereal Aun'Va Honour Guard Tau Ethereal Aun'Va - Master of the Undying Spirit Tau Ethereal Aun'Va Honour Guard Tau Ethereal Aun'Shi
    Tau Ethereal Caste Tau Ethereal Tau Ethereal Tau Ethereal Tau Water Caste
  • HQ - Tau Commander, a Fire warrior in XV8 'Crisis' battle suit.
    Tau XV8 Battlesuit Commander O'Shovah - Farsight Tau XV8 Battlesuit Commander Tau Commander
    Tau Shield Drone Tau XV22 Battlesuit Commander O'Shaserra - Shadowsun Tau Shield Drone Tau Shield Drone
  • HQ - Bodyguard, Fire warriors in Crisis battle suits.
  • Elite - XV8 'Crisis' battle suit, veteran Fire warrior with battle suit, the suit is 3 to 4 meters high.
    Tau XV8 Battlesuit Tau XV8 Battlesuits Tau XV8 Battlesuit
  • Elite - XV15 Stealth team leader, team leader.
    Tau XV15 Stealth Team Leader
  • Elite - XV15 Stealth battle suit, with holographic disruption fields to infiltrate, armed with Burst Cannon. A squad consists of between 3 and 6 Tau.
    Tau XV15 Stealth Suit Tau XV15 Stealth Suits
  • Elite - XV25 Stealth battle suit, slightly larger than XV15 suit.
    Tau XV25 Stealth Suit Tau Stealth Marker Drone Tau XV25 Stealth Suit Tau XV25 Stealth Suit
  • Troop - Fire Warrior, basic trooper with carapace body armour, armed with Pulse Rifle or Carbines. A squad consists of between 6 and 12 units and may include Gun Drones.
    Tau Fire Warrior Tau Fire Warriors
  • Troop/Transport - Devilfish, armoured carrier for Pathfinders/Fire Warriors, armed with Burst Cannon and seeker missiles. Carries up to 12 units.
    Tau Devilfish
  • Fast Attack - Gun drone, armed with twin-linked Pulse Carbines.
    Tau Gun Drone
  • Fast Attack - Pathfinder Shas'ui, team leader.
    Tau Pathfinder Shas'ui
  • Fast Attack - Pathfinder, scout, armed with light Pulse Carbines and Rail Rifles and marker lights for designating targets. A squad consists of between 4 and 8 units.
    Tau Pathfinders Tau Pathfinder with Rail Rifle
    Tau Pathfinder with Rail Rifle Tau Pathfinders with Rail Rifles
  • Fast Attack - Piranha, light skimmer, may carry Fusion Blaster or a pair of Seeker Missiles for tank hunting.
    Tau Piranha
  • Heavy Support - XV88 Broadside battle suit, veterans armed with Hammerhead weapon systems. A squad consists of between 1 and 3 units.
    Tau XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
  • Heavy Support - Hammerhead, anti-gravity tank, armed with Rail-gun or Ioncannon.
    Tau Hammerhead with Ion Cannon Tau Hammerhead with Railgun
  • Heavy Support - Sniper Drone team, consists of a single Tau Spotter and three Drones armed with Rail Rifles.
    Tau Sniper Drone Tau Sniper Drone Spotter Tau Sniper Drone
  • Heavy Support - Sky Ray, variant of Hammerhead, armed with air defence missile platform.
    Tau Sky Ray

Kroot Mercenaries

  • Troop - Shaper, leader of Carnivore squad, equipped with better weapon then the standard Kroot rifle.
    Kroot Shaper
  • Troop - Carnivore, close combat warrior, armed with Kroot rifle. A squad consists of between 10 and 20 Kroot.
    Kroot Carnivore Squad
  • Fast Attack - Kroot Hound, vicious predator, supplemental to Kroot squads.
    Kroot Hounds
  • Fast Attack - Knarloc Rider, Kroot riding a riding beast.
  • Heavy Support- Great Knarloc, larger sub species of the Knarloc, carries various weapons such as Bolt Thrower.
  • Heavy Support- Krootox, carries the powerful Kroot gun, supplemental to Kroot squads.
    Kroot Krootox Kroot Krootox

Vespid Allies

  • Fast Attack - Vespid Stingwing, insects, armed with neutron projection weapons of their own.
    Tau Vespid Stingwing Squad

Gue'vesa (Human Helpers)

  • Troop - Gue'vesa'ui, Gue'vesa'ui team leader.
  • Troop - Gue'vesa'la, armed with Lasgun, 6-12 units in squad.

Space Ships

  • Drop - Orca Drop Ship, ship for landing an entire squad from space.
    Tau Orca Drop Ship

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