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Evolucion ultramarine

Mirando por esas webs del emperador he llegado a esta pagina en la que salia esto me pareció muy curioso y os lo pongo aquí
  • HQ - Chapter Commander/Chapter Master, commander of a chapter.
    Ultramarine Chapter Master Marneus Calgar Ultramarine Chapter Master Marneus Calgar Command Squad
  • HQ - (Terminator) Captain, commander of a company.
    Ultramarine Terminator Captain Ultramarine Commander Ultramarine Captain with Terminator Honors
  • HQ - (Terminator) Librarian, psyker, blue armour, armed with the psychic Power Smite.
    Ultramarine Chief Librarian Tigurius Ultramarine Chief Librarian Tigurius Ultramarine Terminator Librarian Ultramarine Librarian Ultramarine Librarian
  • HQ - (Terminator) Chaplain, spiritual leader, black armour and skull-helmet, armed with Crozius Arcanum and Rosarius (invulnerability amulet),
    Ultramarine Chaplain Cassius Ultramarine Chaplain with Jump Pack Ultramarine Terminator Chaplain Ultramarine Chaplain Ultramarine Chaplain Ultramarine Chaplain on Bike
  • HQ - Apothecary, medic, white armour, treats small wounds and extracts gene-seeds from fallen Marines.
  • HQ - Standard Bearer, with the company banner.
    Ultramarine Apothecary Ultramarine Standard Bearer
  • HQ - Techmarine, maintains and repairs everything, red armour, looks after the Machine Spirits.
    Ultramarine Techmarine Ultramarine Techmarine with Servo Harness Ultramarine Tech Priest with Servitors
  • HQ - Command Squad, bodyguard for command character, veterans with various special skills, contains all other HQ characters.
    Ultramarine Command Squad Ultramarine Command Squad
  • Elite - Dreadnought, a Marine interned in a sarcophagus, armed with Storm Bolter and Flamer or Assault Cannon and Power Fist.
    Ultramarine Dreadnought Ultramarine Dreadnought Venerable
  • Elite - Siege Dreadnought, armed with an assault drill and a heavy Flamer.
  • Elite - Terminator Sergeant, leader of a Terminator squad, has access to a wide range of special equipment.
    Ultramarine Terminator Sergeant
  • Elite - Terminator (Tactical) Squad, armed with Power Fist, Storm Bolter or heavy weapons. May teleport into battle.
    Ultramarine Terminators Ultramarine Terminator with Assault Cannon Ultramarine Terminator with Heavy Flamer Ultramarine Terminator SquadUltramarine Terminator Squad
  • Elite - Terminator Assault Squad, armed with Lightning Claws or Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield.
    Ultramarine Terminator Assault Squad
  • Elite - (Assault/Tactical) Veteran, hardened veteran.
    Ultramarine Veterans
  • Elite - Ultramarines Tyranid Hunter, Veteran, elite Tyranid hunter.
    Ultramarine Tyranid Hunters
  • Troop - (Veteran) Sergeant, leader of a squad.
    Ultramarine Veteran Sergeants
  • Troop - Tactical/Combat Squad, basic troop, armed with Bolter, one Marine may carry a heavy weapon.
    Ultramarine Veteran Sergeant Ultramarine Squad Ultramarine SquadUltramarine Squad Ultramarine Veteran Ultramarine Squad
  • Troop - Scout, new recruit not yet fully transformed into a Marine, no Power Armour, fighting independently, armed with Needle Sniper Rifle or Shotgun.
    Ultramarine Scout Squad Ultramarine Scouts with Sniper Rifle
  • Troop/Transport - Razorback, variant of Rhino with turret mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolter, carries up to six Marines, but no Terminators.
    Ultramarine Razorback
  • Troop/Transport - Rhino, transport tank, carries up to ten Marines (Power Armours), but no Terminators.
    Ultramarine Rhino
  • Fast Attack - (Veteran) Assault Sergeant, leader of an Assault squad.
    Ultramarine Assault Sergeant
  • Fast Attack - Assault Squad, with jump packs and close combat weapons, Bolt- and Plasma Pistols.
    Ultramarine Assault Squad Ultramarine Assault Squad
  • Fast Attack - Attack Bike, heavy support for the bike squad, armed with Multi-Melta.
    Ultramarine Attack Bike
  • Fast Attack - Bike, armed with twin-linked Bolter.
    Ultramarine Bike Squad
  • Fast Attack - Scout Bike, armed with twin-linked Bolter.
    Ultramarine Scout Bike Squad
  • Fast Attack - Land Speeder, a fast and maneuver able skimmer, armed with Bolter or Multi-Melta.
    Ultramarine Land Speeder
  • Fast Attack - Land Speeder Tempest, armoured and enclosed cockpit, armed with Assault Cannon and missiles.
    Ultramarine Land Speeder Tempest
  • Fast Attack - Land Speeder Tornado, skimmer, more heavily armed.
  • Fast Attack - Land Speeder Typhoon, skimmer, armed with Typhoon missile launchers.
    Ultramarine Land Speeder Typhoon
  • Heavy Support - Devastator, armed with Bolter and combination of Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon, Lascannon, Multi-Melta.
    Ultramarine Devastator Squad Ultramarine Devastator Squad
  • Heavy Support - Land Raider, master tank, armed with twin-linked Lascannon, twin-linked Heavy Bolter, transports 10 Marines or 5 Terminators.
    Ultramarine Land Raider
  • Heavy Support - Predator, variant of Rhino, light assault tank for squad support.
  • Heavy Support - Predator Annihilator, tank hunter, armed with array of four Lascannon.
  • Heavy Support - Predator Destructor, variant of Predator, for fighting light vehicles and infantry.
    Ultramarine Predator Destructor
  • Heavy Support - Vindicator, variant of Rhino, slow siege tank, armed with Demolisher Cannon, capable of felling small Titans.
    Ultramarine Vindicator
  • Heavy Support - Whirlwind, Rhino armed with a Whirlwind Missile Launcher.
    Ultramarine Whirlwind Ultramarine Whirlwind

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